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MOBIQU Cold Chain New Form of Cold Chain

Smart and Single Traceable Platform in Cold Chain Technology Mobiqu Smart Cold Chain



One of the critical points in your business is the delivery of your products without breaking the cold chain.

Are you ready to review the investments you've made in refrigerated vehicles, spending thousands of dollars? Whether you want to transport pharmaceuticals, vaccines or biomedicals Mobiqu Cold Chain is by your side. With our clinically tested Cold Chain Boxes, you can transport or protect a product for 7 days without breaking the cold chain. The choice is yours. There are now more reasons for you to equip your cold chain delivery infrastructure with Mobiqu Cold Chain Boxes.

A better cold chain infrastructure is being produced, and we will be the ones to do it.



We've elevated Cold Chain Technology to the next level.

The Smart Cold Chain Box; the only technology that makes all cold chain deliveries smart, traceable, and flawless. You can protect the transported product without breaking the cold chain for our clinically tested duration of 2 days. More importantly, you can monitor all the risks that may occur during transportation, intervene quickly, and prevent potential problems during operations. All of these features can be easily monitored from a single screen. Now, you don't have to pay high amounts for refrigerated vehicles or bear high costs with insurance fees because Mobiqu Smart Cold Chain Box is sufficient for this.

Let us turn your company into a more profitable one in a short time by equipping you with this magnificent infrastructure.

With MOBIQU temperature-controlled boxes, you can make your deliveries safely under the most challenging conditions, without breaking the cold chain and without needing additional energy.

Different Sizes

Different Contents (Hot & Cold or Both)

Flawless Technology


High Protection

Provides Up to 7 Days Protection at the Desired Temperature

Check out what this unique technology developed by Turkish engineers contains and Order a Cold Chain Box now.