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Secure and Hygiene Warranty

The Box is Exclusively Accessible via Our QR Code System for Authorized Users

Carrying at the Right Temperature

The Cutting-Edge Solution for Those Desiring Freshness and Temperature Monitoring Throughout the Delivery

Real-Time Monitoring

End-to-End Tracking of a Package Delivery Right to Your Doorstep

Commitment to Sustainability

Protect Your Business and the Environment with our Sustainable Boxes.

High Customer Satisfaction

Safe Deliveries for Satisfied Customers

Innovative Business Approaches

Offering New Business Models for
the Enterprises and Digitizing their Operations

Smart Delivery at Its Finest

MOBIQU, the leading provider of Smart Box solutions, is revolutionizing the last-mile logistics experience, offering seamless digital interactions through temperature-controlled packaging systems and IoT-based Smart Boxes, making deliveries smarter and more sustainable. Crafting MOBIQU Boxes with advanced infrastructure for diverse fields, ranging from Cold Chain Logistics to On-Demand Food Delivery, and Parcel/Cargo Deliveries. Independent from couriers and vehicles

MobiQu Smart System

For Food Delivery Fleets and Couriers. Multi Deliveries Enabled and Always Fresh.


MobiQu Smart Box

Transport both Cold and Hot products together, each at its own temperature.


MobiQu Cold Chain

Exceptional Temperature Control Ranging From +2°C To +8°C For Up To 7 Days Without Using Extarnal Energy.


The way you deliver is as important as delivering on time.

Delivering products using Mobiqu Smart Boxes is not your average delivery. The security of the products, as well as their freshness, is essential once enclosed in the box. Our high-tech smart systems monitor all processes, both inside and outside the vehicle, ensuring the required temperature during the transfer of products. You can concentrate on your operations with confidence.

High Customer Satisfaction

Secure and Hands-Free Delivery

Streamlined Delivery Operations

News from Us

Committed to the Future!

Recognitions and Awards

Since the day MOBIQU was founded, we have lived many moments of pride. We are happy and proud for the awards we have received and the support shown for our efforts. In this space, we are sharing some of these beautiful moments with you. Each award or milestone motivates us to work even harder for the next level. The next is possible, and we continue to work for it.

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